martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Scene 4

The koala was in love, he was decided, he loved the koalita. Josefina was out of the koala’s mind, he loves Angelina. The koala started flirting with Angelina. The koalita was too in love with the koala. They were in love and they started kissing. The koalas stays so much time with Angelina, when he get back home his wife was at the entrance waiting for the koala to return. The wife asked him where he was. The koala answer the he was very tired and that the next day they will talk. The next day when Josefina wake up the koala was not at home, the kola’s wife getting worried. She went by the trees to find her. Finally he found them. They were kissing. The koala did not realize that Josefina watch them, and Josefina went running and crying home.

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