domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Up to what extent is education a way of “thought control”?

Nowadays, education is many times used to make someone think in a certain way. However, while you are educated you learn how to take different opinions and use them to create your own ideas. So, is it education a way to control your thoughts or does it help you think the way you want?
To start with, there are ways in which education may limit or control your thoughts. Educators should know how to teach and the way to express their opinions. They can take advantage of their position and if they want to, they may be able to make you think something you don't truly believe. Moreover, it is likely that if you spend too many hours inside school or university, you feel overwhelmed and unable to develop critical thinking and use your creativity.
On the other hand, education is not meant to control your thoughts but help you develop your thoughts and create your own ideas. Firstly, without education, your thoughts would not be supported by facts and real information. Education also provides you with different and useful skills to think. What's more, while being educated you learn different opinions and you learn to respect when someone thinks different. Most educators may have more experience than you and listening and learning from someone with experience is very important. Finally, you should never be forced to think something you don't want to; if you are really convinced about something, no educator should influence you to change your beliefs.
To conclude, I think that even though sometimes educators try to change the way you think, the skills you learn will let you be aware of what you really think. Education gives you tools and teaches you many things so you can evaluate facts and other opinions in a critical way and therefore develop your own ideas.

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