lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Reasoned Judgment

In the Thinking Skills class, we were assigned an special case. It was James Bulger murder. The murders were two young kids, but this kids live in a family were their parents saw and had a lot of violent films and videos. Recently, both kids saw "Child Play´s 3". After reading the case, in pairs, we had to make a reasoned judgment about the danger and consequences of looking horror movies.

But, what is a reasoned judgment? A reasoned judgment is the act of arriving at a conclusion based on known facts and evidence. The reach a conclusion, you must analyse and evaluate all the information (their sources, vested interest, etc). Finally, after you analyse the information, you are able to make your conlucion having into account all the previous analysis.

Resultado de imagen para horror moviesResultado de imagen para childs play 

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