martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Letter of complaint

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to express my deep disappointment with the airline because of my horrible experience last week. I booked a flight to Amsterdam so that I could later connect with Sri Lanka. To begin with, I decided to make an online check-in and when I entered the web page I found out that the flight that I booked was not available; it had been rescheduled and it was going to take off five hours before the stipulated time.
I arrived the airport three hours before the hour of departure and I found out a sign informing that the flight was late. I asked a policeman for some further information, but he didn't know anything. I was really angry and annoyed because it was not a holyday trip; it was a working meeting and I could not be absent. Having confirmed my attendance to my superiors two months ago, I would be probably fired if this delayed flight made me miss the meeting.
After an hour trying to find someone related to the air company who could inform me about the new schedule for my flight, I found a company employee who could not answer any of my questions and seemed to be absolutely unaware of this situation. He promised he would try to get some information on the subject. Another hour passed until he came back to tell me the flight had been cancelled and, to make matters worse, he doubted I could get a refund.
To conclude, I would be grateful if you gave me a refund and also send a letter explaining these events so I can justify my absence to the meeting. If I hear nothing from you, I will have no choice but to start legal actions against the airline.
Yours faithfully,

Geronimo Macia.

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