miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Dream Lipstick

In ELT we learned new concepts, vocabulary and strategies connected with advertising. We divided into groups and each group should create an advertisement using the new concepts. Our group did an advertisement of lipstick
Resultado de imagen para lipstick

Resultado de imagen para lipstick" Are you feeling blue? Well, there's a solution to that. Today pamper yourself with the best of the best and turn your life to bright, shimmering red! Be savage, be wild, live in the lap of luxury and take those vibrant lips on a night out. Are you calling for a breathtaking look? Say no more! "Dream" lipstick has that covered for you, and even more than you could ask for.
Take the chance to stand out in the crowd! Paint your lips with a smile; paint them with "Dream"lipstick and watch as a sunlit, silvery future arises...."

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