lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

Bias and Prejudice

In the Thinking Skills class we had to read and solve the activities in the Unit of bias and prejudice.

1) The first activitie had two items. In item A, Germans blamed Jews for most of the problems they were suffering in that time. Hitler wanted to persuade the Germans by desorting the truth. Item B also change the truth in order to guilt the Jews. They are shown as the responsables of the problems.
 We know that Nazis lied and disort the truth because we already studied that Nazis were the guilties and Jews were repetidely persecuted.

2)  In the items of the second activitie, credibility is reduced because the British source talk in a very good way about their people and critizise the Iraquies. They do it this way because the Iraquies were their enemies and they wanted to persuade their people they were bad people and that the british people were loyal and proffesionals

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