martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Helping students

In the ELT class, we study the theory of a proposal. Later we wrote one about the problems students have during presentation and how they can be solved.

The following proposal will develop the problems students have with oral presentations and possible solutions

One of the students main problems is that they are not able to deliver the presentation fluently. The are not self-confident and they do not believe they can explain the topic on their own words so they prefer studying it by-heart and consequently, the presentation bore the audience or makes it difficult to understand.

Bad Connection
Another problem that should be solved in order to improve students presentation, it is the bad connection. If not, students have not the opportunity to includes useful media such as audio, video, images, etc.

Selecting Information
Finally, another problem is that the time used to deliver the presentation is not useful because the information chosen by the speaker is not relevant. The presentations do not give the information the audience need

  • Resultado de imagen para oral presentationIn order to solve the fluency problem, students must increase they own confidence and be supported by the audience and superiors. They must be teached useful tips to relax.
  • The bad connection can be solve if no celular phones are connected and internet is only for the presentations.
  • If students are teached how to search and select information there wouldn't be more useless presentations.
To conclude, I think it is not difficult to solve the problems mentioned before but they would make a huge difference

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