lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Mad Men advertisment

Me have to answer some questions after we watched a TV serie scene during the thinking skill class. This serie is called "Med Men". In the scene there was a meeting from the employees of the company of cigarrets "Lucky Strike". The were discussing how to make an advertisment in order of increasing their sells.

1- Identefy some of the vested interest in this scene. How do these work?
In this scene, there is found vested interest from the employees of the company because their objective was to sell more cigarretes. They lie on their advertisment in order to make people think cigarretes are not harmfull.

2- Why Peters idea rejected ando Dons idea accepted?
Peteres idea was not accepted because in his advertisment, Peters talk about death. He mentions that cigarretes dont kill you, you die either if you smoke or if you dont do so. Talking about death was not profitable at all for the company eventhogh Peters idea was true, so it was rejected.
 On the other hand, Dons idea was acceptd because he does not mention death and show the difference between Lucky Stike and the rest of the cigarretes.

3- Find an old tabacco advertising picture and annalyse it in terms of vested interest and.distortion of the truth.

This advertisment has vested interest from the company " Camel". They say most docotors smoke their cigarretes because they are not as harmfull as the rest. This is not truth, they smoke them because of their price, flavour, etc, but not because they are not harmfull.

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