martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

Technology in clasrooms

In the Language class, we sould write an essay giving our opinion about newest technology in clasrooms

In the last year, more and more schools started using the lastes technology in clasrooms. The following essay will explain the advantajes and disadvantajes of using it.
 Using technology in clasrooms has some disadvantajes. Firstly, using technology makes things to easy for students so they dont need to make any effort. Moreover, they may forget basic ways of studyng and they wont be able to use books and things of the sort. Finally, having technology in clasrooms can be very expensive and difficult to achieve.
 On the other hand, technology in clasrooms has its disadvantajes. By using this method you increase students interest in studyng. Also, they can study and lear on their own, freely and independently. Furthermore, they have an easy and quickly acess to information so they dont need to carry with havy books or large encyclopedias. Finally, they lear working in groups trough shared documents and online projects
To conclude, in my opinion, technology in clasrooms has many positive aspects and that most schools should use it

This image represent that technology is better than books                                                          

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