martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Is technlogy profitable for all?

In the language class, we should writte an essay talking about technlogy

Technology is constantly developing and being spread all around the world. We tend to believe developments in technology have improved the standards of living of all the people in the world, but is this actually true or only people in a good economic situation can enjoy the benefits it brings?
  In poor countries, people do not have the same acquisition power because of the lack of money. They barely have an acceptable way of living and in some cases they cannot even satisfy their basic needs. In many areas of Africa, for example, people can’t even go to school or work decently, so it is hard to believe they can benefit from new technology.
On the other hand, rich countries do enjoy from recent developments in technology as their economic situation allows them to reach things poor people can’t. Moreover, population in rich countries is usually more capable to manage recent developments and take profit of what they provide.
 As a conclusion, even if we see technology as something everybody can benefit from only people living in relatively rich countries can actually take profit of it.

In this picture we can se a person that can afford to the newest  technlogy

In this one, we can se poor people with a celphone. They dont understand how to use it.

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