martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

Do we need art?

Resultado de imagen para artOur Language teacher told us to wrote an essay talking about the importance of art.

Personally, I believe we need art and its a very important thing. However, many people think art is not something important and that we dont need it.
 Art has some disadvantajes and because of this, some people say that is not important a tall. The maiin disadvantaje is that art is different for everyone. Some people can consider art what some people dont. Also, with art, you may not have knowledge of some important thing that can be useful in life.
 On the other hand, art have many advantajes. Firstly, trough art you can express your feeling freely and demonstrate all your creativity in a unique way. Moreover, if you cannot express something with words you may be able to doit with art. Finally, art is a great way to make profit of your  free time and its a good hobbie.
 To conclude, In my point of view, art is necesary and can be very useful for many people.

People can express feeling trough art

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