martes, 30 de junio de 2015

Look before you leap

In the Language class, the teacher told us to write a story with the following tittle: "Look before you leap". Also, we had to include:

a) 10 conectors
b) 4 examples of direct speech
c) 3 similis
d) 1 metaphor
e) 2 examples of past perfect

"Look before you leap"

I have wished to be a firefighter since I was four years old. Anyway, I knew that my parents would not support me with this idea. They are as as strict as the police.
All along the school period, they told me I should look for another job, less dangerous and well paid. The opposite of a firefigther. "That`s not your job""Look for another one""Why not a businessman?"
Neverthlless, I was sure what I wanted to do. As a result, as soons as I finished school. I started with an instructor that would teach me all I needed to know to be a firefighter. The first days were as easy as kindergarten. On the other hand, as days went past, I got to know that my parents were right, maybe it was the wrong job. When I told them they said "We told you, you should listen to us"
Finally, I quit that idea and I have been working as a buisnessman. You must look before you leap!

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