martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Boys will be boy and Equal rigths

 Boys will be boys is a story in which discrimination is the main theme because there are "two groups" in which they discriminate each other. In Boys will be boys farmers discriminate citizens from the towns and in  the same way around. A similar conflict is presented in the story "Equal rights", boys are discriminating girls, because they think that they are much more important. The main conflict  is that a girl couldnt get a job only because she was a girl and there were not equal rights, she rejected a job opportunity because they told her that as she was a girl, he will be worst payed than boys.
In both stories the protagonist is or are girls. The conflict, in boths stories is that one character in the storie, an older one, find diferences between girls and boys. Both stories are narrated in first person and the tones are serious, intense and sad
In Boys will be boys, the story is seted in the road to the road and in Equal Rigths its in the city. In one story, the discriminated person ends benefitid and in the other its the other way around
Y prefer the first story because the girls in a part of the stort are un problems, so its more intresting. The second one is more quiet

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  1. I`m not sure you got the main conflict in both stories. Al least, your essay doesn´t prove so.
    In "Boys will be boys" discrimination appears when the tourist is sure that the ones who had thrown the nuts were boys. So when he finds the girls he never suspects it could have been them. This is never mentioned by you!
    As for "Equal rights". Why are you saying that the girl doesn´t get any benefits? She manages to get the same salary as boys in the end... and you should be able to explain in your essay how she achieved this.
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