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An essay on "The door in the wall"

 Introduction: I should writte an essay on; "The door in the wall". The essay should have between 400 and 500 words
In the story The door in the wall by H.G Wells a man called Lionel Wallace retold his story to his friend in which Wallace saw a green door into a white wall which inside had all what he always wanted to have. He saw the door three times and did not enter until the fourth time where he entered and died. One of the main themes was Wallace’s insanity.
The reason why his insanity were more than one. His family, his family, his childhood affected him and drove him crazy and he saw and imagined things that did not exist and did not happened. His mother was not with him from a long time, she died and he stayed with his father. His father was not that-good. He did not pay attention to him and did not believe what his son told him. Even though he was a very good student he had not any close friend. They did not believe him neither. They laugh at him when he told his experiences.
This insanity caused him hallucination and he saw a green door in a white wall, inside he thought it was all what he wanted and that he did not had in his childhood. He saw this door three different times but he did not enter. The first time he saw it, he invited his friends to saw the door, it was not there anymore. The next time he saw the door in the wall he did not enter, and then the door did not stay there. And the same situation happened the third time he saw the door
After a lot of time without seeing the door, in a dark night when he was walking along the empty street he saw the door again. And this time he had decided to enter. He entered, and after a little walk he fell into a pit and this caused his death. But what he saw was not the door. It was a construction. The planking turned into white for his imagination and the door in green. The electric light near the construction could help him to get confused but the most reasonable explanation was that he was not mentally well. His insanity took place in his life again and drove him to his death.
In the story The Door in the wall by H.G Wells makes the reader realize how important the family, the friends and the environment around you. If you did not have a reasonable childhood, probably you had problems and you get crazy.

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