lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

The support from the family

Introduction: We should write a short stroy with between 500-600 word. Based on a situation of conflict between a mother and his son or a social class conflict.

Armin was Trevor´s son. They were in the high social class because of Trevors effort. Trevor was born in the west of Ireland and his parents sent him to a very expensive school in Portugal. There he was very well educated. He and one of his friends went to a live to Canada. They went to one of the best universities from the country. After 2 months he got to know a women. She lived in the EEUU. They were going to meet in a few days. Trevor flew to London to see her. He flew some days before the arranged date. In the first 48hs a big offer got to him, but he had to leave his friend, some people offered him a minor position in the
government. After he talked with his friend and had a very strong fight, he decided to stay. He met the woman. Her name was July and they fall in love. She was not kind and not beautiful but he loved her anyway. They loved each other so much. They got married and had a son, Armin, he was spoiled and faddy. Trevor was promoted and he was winning a lot of money and power. Trevor wanted his son to be like him so he sent him to a very good school. Armin was used to had all what he wanted to have in the moment. He didn't like to work. They lived in London in a big mansion with plenty of money. They could only stay alive because Trevor worked hard . July didnt work and the only thing she did was spending money. One night, six burglars entered to Trevors house and stole everything valuable. They also abused from July and killed Trevor. So Armin and July were in big problems. The didn't have money and they wouldn't get it if they didn't work. As years went by, they become poorer and poorer. They had to sell their mansion on a very low price because they were desperate. They went to live to the Bronx. In two weeks July and Armin didn't work. They spent their money from the profit of the mansion to stay alive. They were hungry and they started to fight because someone had to work and no one wanted to do so. One day they argued, and July hit Armin in the face. Armin started to hate her terribly and went to live with a friend. He started to consume drugs and he started to abuse physically and verbally from his mother. July was dying of hunger and she was also hurt by Armin. Armin started robbing and killing people to consume drugs. He didn't like killing people because his father was killed by burglars that wanted to rob him. July was poor, ugly, and not kind but she had honour and when she got to know that Armin was killing people she was about to explode from anger. July knew approximately when Armin was coming to abuse from her and take away her little money. She was so angry that when he arrived with his friends he stabbed them and she wrote a letter explaining that she loved Armin, but he couldn't make what they made to his father. After this, she committed suicide in front of the door from the mansion where she used to live.

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