jueves, 11 de julio de 2013


 This amazing landscape has to inspire me. In the last time nothing has inspired me. ¡Wow, what a nice finch! Well, Jack told me that this was a beautiful place and would be great for me if I had to write a poem. So, I am here and up to now it is not as wonderfu and colourful as he told me, but well I will continue walking, I hope I can see something surprisngly today

(After 3 hours)
 ¡Oh my god! This is incredible. These colours, it is unbeliavable. Thank you Jack this is the best landsacape I have ever seen in a lot of time. You cant imagine the variety of colours I can see here. I had never realised how beatuiful some animals were. Look at that brinded cow. I am sure if I continue walking, I will see more amazing things.
 This is a great place to write a poem. Definitely, I will write the poem here, It could be about this landscape. Or maybe, something more general. It could be about the beauty of England. No! It will be about the beauty of all colourful things that God gane the world. All these dappled things are incredible. This landscape is plotted and pieced.
 I cant wait to tell my friends and my family that they should came here to see all these dappled things. If I can, I will came to live here to see all this plotted thiangs all the day.
 Now, now is the time I will bring some pencil and paper and I will write my poem gloryfing God because all the stipple things he let us see.

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